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Carpet cleaning

No other item in your home impact the look of the rooms and health of the residents than your carpeting, and no other item bear more wear and tear daily. Carpet manufacturers advise that carpet cleaning should be conducted at least once a year, and if possible more often. Clean carpets last longer and definitely are more visually pleasing. We provide professional carpet cleaning in Tooting Broadway SW17 that can make your indoor conditions much healthier, especially if someone in your home suffers from asthma, migraine headache, rhinitis or any other allergy symptom. These complaints are a direct result of presence of dust mites, to whose faeces people are highly allergic. Our carpet cleaning will remove any dirt, stains, grit and allergens, and beautify your home. Do not delay any more, call us today on 020 3026 3816 or book our services on-line for clean, presentable and fresh home.

  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Hot water extraction "steam" method
  • Dry organic cleaning
  • Fast drying times
  • Eliminating bacteria and dust mites
  • Scotchgard application available
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We follow specific procedures to ensure the appropriate method is applied to your carpet. The most efficient carpet cleaning method is the so called "carpet steam cleaning". The correct name of this service is actually "hot water extraction", misnomered "steam cleaning" for the great amount of steam released during the process. We use advanced equipment that injects hot water and special detergent to dissolve all the dirt embedded in depth and kill the dust mites and other micro-organisms within the pile. Simultaneously, the solution with the grime is extracted with powerful vacuum, leaving the carpet clean and sanitized. Our carpet cleaning in Tooting Broadway SW17 will achieve high levels of hygiene to the last corner of your house. We offer competitive cleaning prices, allowing you to use our services as often as you need.

The other procedure used for carpet cleaning is "carpet dry cleaning", which could be specified as "very low moisture cleaning". We apply and rub in dry compounds, which break up and then attract dirt, extracting it easy with a special machine. Dry cleaning method is tailored for antiques, delicate, hand-made or natural fibres, that would be damaged by water usage. Carpet dry cleaning is reputed for its very rapid drying time, allowing you to walk on your carpeting right after we leave. Both procedures for carpet cleaning in Tooting Broadway are suitable for private homes or business premises, such as offices and public buildings. Your carpets will look better, feel softer and smell fresher. Call us on 020 3026 3816 or send us an instant request for thorough clean that makes difference.


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